Get Rex's Card File of Cases

Card File of Cases

Rex’s Card File of Cases

Have you ever wondered how Rex Travis is able to so quickly answer complex questions regarding Oklahoma insurance law, personalGet Rex's Card File of Cases injury law, conflicts of law, choice of law, and more, along with providing cites to relevant case law and statutes? Rex’s secret to his ability to quickly answer those research questions is his Card File of Cases. Now it can be yours, too.

Throughout his 60-year+ career, Rex has collected the statutes and cases he uses to jump-start his research, win issues on the merits, and shape Oklahoma law. Started years ago as a literal card file, it has grown to over 600 pages in a searchable, Microsoft Word document packed full of cites and insight.

Newly updated in June 2024 with hundreds of new entries; over 630 pages of cites, analysis, and spot cites to help you win cases.

Note: Rex’s Card File of Cases is a work in progress. As Rex finds new decisions he considers important, he adds them to the Card File. Your purchase is good for a calendar year, so you can use your link to download the most up-to-date version of the Card File. Be sure to keep your link, and check back on occasion to get the updated version.