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Over the past 60 years, Rex Travis has built a reputation as a “Guru” in Oklahoma insurance and personal injury law. Whether answering questions on insurance and injury law (complete with case citations), Co-counsel with Rex Travis to get help with your toughest casespresenting CLE seminars to his peers, teaching insurance law to the next generation of lawyers, or litigating complex insurance and injury matters, Rex has worked hard to earn his reputation and your trust. Now, you can co-counsel with Rex Travis and put that reputation and trust to work for your cases and clients.

Following a stroke, Rex has shifted his focus from his own practice to helping his fellow Oklahoma attorneys. Rex Travis is ready to help with your toughest cases. He can provide help with brief-writing, research, and answer questions. Rex is also available to serve as your co-counsel. If you have a case involving insurance or personal injury in Oklahoma or need to appeal a decision and want help from the best, Rex Travis is ready to help.

When you bring Rex into your case, you can expect:

Help with case strategy

Rex’s practice has always focused on tough cases, blown statutes of limitation, and on matters with the potential to change the law. These more difficult cases have historically drawn motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment at high rates. Rex knows how to approach strategizing your tough cases to maximize your opportunity to win the complex issues in your cases and get these cases to a jury or to settlement.

Help with brief writing

Rex is ready to collaborate with you on the briefing needed in your cases. Whether you already have an outline or need him to start from scratch, Rex can help. He is expert at researching case issues and finding relevant case law and statutes to back up the arguments needed to win your issues. Rex is well known for crafting clear, concise, persuasive briefs that get the relevant points across as succinctly as possible. He recognizes the mistakes and inconsistencies in briefs by opposing counsel, and never misses an opportunity to capitalize on those errors. Putting Rex on your team will give you a substantive advantage on your briefs.

Help with filing, in state, federal, and appealed cases

Rex has had cases in many Oklahoma counties. He has had numerous cases appealed to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals (COCA) and the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Rex knows policies and procedures from Oklahoma county court cases up through the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Additionally, from his 60 years of experience, Rex knows the reputations of many of the judges presiding over your cases.

Additionally, Rex has extensive experience in federal court. He has had cases in all three Oklahoma federal district courts. He has appealed numerous decisions to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and has even appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Rex understands what the federal courts expect and is able to help with formatting and filing questions and issues.

Rex’s practical experience in state and federal cases at all levels will benefit your clients and cases when you co-counsel with Rex Travis.

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