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Rex Travis is well known for his skill writing briefs.Now You Can Access Rex’s Extensive Briefs Library

The Oklahoma Plaintiff’s Bar, and many Oklahoma defense attorneys, know Rex Travis well for writing clear, concise, persuasive briefs. Rex has used his skill at research and writing to win issues and cases, and to change Oklahoma law in his historically motions-heavy practice. Practicing insurance law, Rex knows how to handle Motions for Summary Judgment, Motions to Dismiss, Appeals, and much more. Now, you, too, can have access to Rex’s extensive Briefs Library. In his 60 years of practice, Rex has amassed an enormous library of briefs encompassing all the common issues for insurance and personal injury practices at all levels:

  • Oklahoma State Courts;
  • Oklahoma Federal Courts;
  • Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals;
  • Oklahoma Supreme Court;
  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals; and even
  • The U.S. Supreme Court.

Now, Rex Travis is giving you access to his huge library of briefs. For a small charge, you can download one of Rex’s briefs to jump-start your own writing. Mostly formatted as Microsoft Word documents, Rex’s briefs include common issues as well as more esoteric questions. Most have a summary of the propositions you will find within.

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