Rex Travis-60 Years of Experience

With 60 years of experience, Rex knows insurance and injury law from both sides.Navigating insurance and injury law since 1962!

Rex Travis received his 60-year service award and pin from the Oklahoma Bar in 2022. He has spent the past six decades learning the ins and outs of insurance law, personal injury law, conflicts of law, how to save a blown SOL, how to handle the toughest cases, and how to win on appeal. With 60 years of experience and having practiced as an insurance defense attorney and later as a plaintiffs’ attorney, Rex knows insurance and injury law from both sides.

With an insurance law focus, Rex’s practice was historically very motions-heavy, with many cases drawing a motion for summary judgment or motion to dismiss. Rex has extensive experience in both federal and state court. Rex also has broad experience with appeals in the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals, the Oklahoma Supreme Court, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

However, following a stroke in 2020, Rex has shifted his practice from representing Oklahomans injured or denied insurance coverage directly to helping other members of the Oklahoma Plaintiffs’ Bar win their cases.

Rex knows insurance and injury law from both sides. Put his 60 years of experience to work for your cases and clients.

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