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Following a stroke in 2020, Rex Travis has refocused his practice on helping Oklahoma plaintiff’s attorneys win tough cases, overcome blown SOLs, find the best venue, and change the law in Oklahoma. Learn how Rex Travis can help you with your cases.

Saving a Statute of Limitation

Rex has spent a significant portion of his career helping other attorneys. This includes collaborating on cases, answering questions, preparing and teaching continuing legal education seminars, and teaching law school classes including insurance law, conflicts of law, and advanced torts. Rex has specialized in difficult cases, saving statutes of limitations, choice of law/conflicts of law cases, and establishing new rules by case holdings.

For example, Rex once helped a lawyer who had blown a statute of limitation. Two trucks collided in Oklahoma and the innocent trucker was injured. However, his lawyer blew the Oklahoma two-year statute. Rex did some quick research and found the guilty truck driver worked for a corporation incorporated in Nebraska. He knew: 1) You can always sue and serve a corporation in its state of incorporation; 2) A Nebraska statute provided a statute of limitations (in a transferred case) would not be deemed to have run in Nebraska until the Nebraska statute of limitations had run; and 3) Nebraska had a three-year statute of limitations. Rex also knew (from teaching Conflicts) the United States Supreme Court had held when a case is transferred from a state in which it was filed to another state that the “transferee state” must apply the “transferor state’s” statute of limitations.

So, Rex hired a lawyer in Nebraska and filed the truck driver’s case in Nebraska. He then filed for an “inter-district” transfer to Oklahoma where the wreck happened. You can read the result in Hatchett v. K & B Transp., Inc., 263 F.Supp.2d 1315 (W.D. Okla. 2003). The Court applied the Nebraska statute of limitations and overruled the Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, allowing the injured truck driver to make a recovery he otherwise could not have made.

Changing Case Law

In another of Rex’s important cases, the Oklahoma Supreme Court overruled law going back to the common law of England. In Miller v. David Grace, Inc., 2009 OK 49, ¶ 24-29, 33, 212 P.3d 1223, 1230, the Supreme Court held, contrary to hundreds of years of case law, that the landlord owes a duty to the tenant for a defect in the leased premises. This landmark case has paved the way for tenants to make recoveries they otherwise could not have made and allowed tenants to demand defect-free premises.

Brief Writing or Co-Counsel with Rex Travis

These cases demonstrate how Rex can help get your toughest cases over such hurdles and to the jury. Rex can help significantly by writing well-researched and persuasive briefs or by serving as your co-counsel on tough cases. But Rex provides many additional resources for your cases.

Other ways Rex can help:

  • Research: Rex Travis is expert at finding the case law to win the issues in disputed cases.
  • Ask Rex a Legal Question: if you just need Rex to point you in the right direction, ask him a quick question using our form.
  • Help with Selecting the Best Venue Using Choice of Law Rules: having taught Conflicts of Laws, Rex knows how to navigate conflicting rules and laws to find the best venue to fit your case.
  • Briefing Library: you already know Rex’s reputation for writing persuasive briefs. However, you may not know Rex has an enormous library of briefs he has already researched and written covering a wide variety of legal issues you will likely encounter in your cases. Rex has made these available for you to purchase for a small fee. If you do not see what you need, please check back as we update Rex’s briefing library regularly.
  • Card File of Cases: Rex can provide quick direction with applicable case law and statutes because he has collected case issues with related important cases for many years. Now you can download Rex’s Card File of Cases for your own use!
  • Pleading Forms: Rex has made a few pleading forms available for you to download free of charge.
  • Continuing Legal Education Materials: Rex taught CLEs for most of his career. While he no longer presents seminars, he has a selection of CLE materials available for you o download free of charge.
  • Schedule a Consultation with Rex Travis: contact Rex to discuss your specific case and how Rex Travis can help you win.

Please contact us to learn how Rex Travis can help and to discuss your case needs today!

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