Brief Writing

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Success in his Own Cases

Rex Travis’ peers know him well for his brief writing. Having practiced insurance and personal injury law for 60 years, Rex knows how to persuade judges in favor of his clients and cases. A veteran of many appeals, Rex has written numerous briefs that resulted in establishing new rules by case holdings that benefit all Oklahoma plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Amicus Curiae

In addition to writing briefs in his own cases, Rex Travis served as the chair of the Oklahoma Association for Justice’s Amicus Curiae committee for over 20 years. During Rex’s tenure, he steered the committee’s briefing efforts and wrote many of the briefs himself.

Rex Travis possesses a depth of brief writing experience you will not find anywhere else.


Rex starts every brief by rigorously researching the case issues and facts. He is adept at finding cases upholding the propositions that will win motions for summary judgment, motions to dismiss, motions to reform insurance policies, and win on appeal.

After researching, Rex carefully crafts the brief. Rex’s briefs are easy to read and understand. He avoids stilted language and “wordiness.” He puts in the cases and propositions that are needed and nothing else.

After writing a brief, Rex guides it through a rigorous proofreading process. Rex and his team check every brief to ensure correct formatting for the court. They carefully check all citations. If the brief requires a table of contents or table of authorities, they add those at this stage.

The result is a clear, concise brief that presents logical arguments based on the law and doesn’t tax the judge’s patience with anything superfluous. This is the kind of brief that gets issues decided in your client’s favor!

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