Co-Counsel with Rex Travis and Travis Law Office

Rex Travis has built a reputation as a “Guru” in Oklahoma insurance and personal injury law. Whether he’s answering questions on insurance and injury law (complete with case citations), Rex Travis signing documentpresenting CLE seminars to his peers, teaching insurance law to the next generation of lawyers, or litigating complex insurance and injury matters, Rex works hard to earn his reputation and your trust.

If you have a potential case involving insurance or personal injury in Oklahoma, and either don’t practice in Oklahoma or don’t practice in those areas, we encourage you to let Rex Travis and the Travis Law Office team help. This is good for your client, because it gets their case to a firm best equipped to maximize their recovery.

When you refer a potential matter to Travis Law Office, you can expect:

To know what happened to your referral

We ask potential clients how they found us on the initial call. If we don’t take a case, we send a letter on virtually every matter we decline and copy the referring attorney.* On those we do handle, we keep co-counsel apprised of progress with the case by copying you on all correspondence and pleadings, and providing a copy of the settlement statement when funds are disbursed.

To have your interests protected

When we accept representation for a claim you have referred, we put you on the contract with the agreed terms of our co-counsel relationship spelled out. This gives you peace of mind knowing you have complied with the ethics rules which require shared responsibility for the litigation, in exchange for a share of the fee, and peace of mind knowing your attorney fee claim is protected.

The case won’t stop with us

If we feel the claim is viable but can’t help for some reason, we will try to refer the case to the right firm. When we do that, we do not take a fee, but require that the referred firm agree to honor our agreement with the referring attorney (you).

Sometimes referring a claim is your best option. Be assured, we value the trust you show when you refer a case to us and will treat every referred matter with the care and attention it deserves.

*If you have referred a case or client and have not yet heard back from us, please feel free to call and inquire. Clients aren’t always clear on who referred them, and other things can happen.

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