How COVID-19 is Affecting Your Court Case

You have questions about how COVID-19 is affecting your court case, and we have answers. If you need more information or if we don’t cover your question below, please feel free to call.

Q: Is Travis Law Office open?
A: Yes, we are here and keeping normal office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, we keep the doors locked to minimize possible exposure. If you have an appointment with us or need to make a delivery, please call the office and we will let you in.

Q: I have a new case. How do you handle new case intakes?
A: To start the new case process, please call the office. Our intake team will get important information from you, such as how to contact you, the date of incident, what happened, your damages, and much more. Our attorneys will then evaluate your case to see what we can do to help. The intake team will contact you and let you know what our attorneys say.

If we believe you have a viable case with which we can help, we will set a virtual appointment with you if possible. If you need to come to our office, we can set that up as well, with everyone practicing social distancing and wearing a mask.

Once you agree to have us represent you, and we agree to the representation, we will send our intake documents for you to sign. If we do not meet in person, we provide the documents digitally via email, or, if you cannot access digital documents, we will send them via the USPS.

Q: If I need to come to your office, what precautions do you take?How COVID-19 affects your court case
A: We maintain social distancing at all times. All staff members check their temperature daily prior to entering the office. All staff members wear masks when not in their personal office.
Prior to entering, we will ask you to check your temperature and wear a mask. We will provide a mask for you if you need it. At the conclusion of your meeting, we will thoroughly disinfect the conference room so it is ready for the next client.

Q: I have an existing case with you. What is COVID-19 doing to it?
A: We are still diligently working to resolve your case. However, many aspects of cases are affected:

  • You may have trouble getting doctors’ appointments for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Getting your medical records may be delayed.
  • Depositions, mediations, and other in-person events are now virtual.
  • Court deadlines have been extended.
  • Trials are postponed.

With extended deadlines and postponed trials, cases are moving more slowly. However, please be assured we are doing everything we can to move your case forward. If you have other questions on how COVID-19 is affecting your court case, please don’t hesitate to call.

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