The Travis Law Office Team

The experienced and empathetic Travis Law Office team works with you every step of the way to resolve your case. Court cases and lawsuits can be overwhelming and confusing. But our caring and knowledgeable team will help and support you from intake through resolving your case and after.

The Travis Law Office Team

In addition to your legal assistant, you will receive help and support from the rest of our team. During different phases of your case, you can expect to hear from our receptionist, intake specialist, medical records assistant, and other team members. The Travis Law Office team is ready to help you resolve your case!

Tori Hayes

Tori is our medical records specialist. She will order your medical records and bills, update your damages, and create a medical timeline to help us understand your injuries and the treatment you have received.

Michal Lusk

Your case will likely begin with a conversation with Michal, who is our intake specialist. She will listen to your story and take notes for our attorneys. She will build a file for you and follow up with you about the attorneys’ decision on your case. If we agree to meet with you, Michal will set an appointment for that.

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